New Debit Cards Are Coming!

Posted on April 06, 2016

Be sure to keep an eye on your mailbox. Your Southeast Financial debit card is getting a big upgrade, and your new card will be arriving soon. What's changed? There’s now a little chip embedded right into the card. The chip may look small, but there’s big protection against unauthorized card use inside. We’re committed to safeguarding your card, but we need your help. Here are some steps we need you to take:

Right away –

Make sure we have a current address on file for every cardholder on your account, including joint accounts. Updating your information is easy. Log in to Online Banking and select Address Change under Account Maintenance. You can also contact the Member Service Call Center or update your address in any branch.

As soon as you receive your card –

Call the Activation Line and set your Personal Identification Number (PIN). You can select a new 4-digit PIN or enter the same PIN you use now, but you must set a PIN to complete activation or you may have difficulty using your card.

Update your card number and expiration date with companies that debit payments from your account. Your card has a new number. If you’ve set up automatic payments from your account using your card number, it’s important to update your information to ensure your payments continue to process. Some common autopay accounts include companies like Netflix and Amazon. You may also want to check your settings with your cable and internet providers, wireless phone company, and prescription by mail services.

Update your card number with any identity theft protection and account monitoring services. If you’re enrolled in the MemberSecure identity theft protection program, be sure to update your card number with CardPatrol and Payment Card Protection to ensure your new card number is monitored. Be sure to do the same with any card monitoring service you use.