Visa Purchase Alerts

What are Purchase Alerts?
Purchase Alerts are messages sent to your email or mobile phone to help you manage and track your signature-based Visa® credit and/or debit card transactions. Alerts provide near real-time notification of transaction activity based on your alert settings. You select from preset alerts and specify the settings for the alerts you want to receive (for example, the option to be notified when a transaction exceeds a specific value). Information in the alert includes the amount of the transaction, the merchant name and location (if available), and the last 4 digits of the Visa card used. Alerts can be sent to an e-mail address or to a mobile phone as an SMS text message
What are the benefits of Purchase Alerts?

The advantages of Purchase Alerts are that they:

  • Let you monitor your card's signature-based purchase transactions in near-real-time
  • Offer you peace of mind by providing timely information that helps you monitor your Visa card for suspicious activity.
  • Give you a tool to help you manage your money.
What type of cards can I enroll in Purchase Alerts?
You can enroll most Visa credit and debit cards. For debit cards, Purchase Alerts are not available for purchases that require you enter a PIN number. You can enroll your card if you’re sharing an account; the primary account holder on the card designates the Purchase Alert settings. Purchase Alerts are available for business credit cards as well.
Can multiple Visa credit cards on one account receive Purchase Alerts? Can two debit cards on the same checking account receive Purchase Alerts? Can I have different Purchase Alerts settings for different cards or will all my cards be enrolled with the same alert selection settings?

Each card can be set up with unique alert settings.

Is there a charge to enroll in Purchase Alerts?

You can enroll in Purchase Alerts at no charge from Southeast Financial. Standard mobile text and data charges apply for SMS alerts.

How quickly after I enroll in Purchase Alerts will I begin receiving alerts?

After you enroll, you will immediately begin receiving alert messages.

What types of Purchase Alerts are available?
The following alerts are available:
  • Threshold transaction: An alert is sent if a purchase amount is greater than a preset dollar amount.
  • Card-not-present transaction: An alert is sent if a purchase is made without having to physically present the card at the point of sale, such as when a purchase is made online or by phone.
  • International transaction: An alert is sent if a purchase is made outside the country that issued the Visa card.
  • Gasoline transaction: An alert is sent if a purchase is made at a gas station (i.e., fuel, car wash)
  • Declined transaction: An alert is sent if a purchase is made and subsequently declined for any reason.
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