​How can a credit union help me?

Posted on August 31, 2021

Because credit unions were created to benefit the lives of their members, the offerings of a credit union may differ. Generally, they all provide similar products and services, though some may have specialized products for their members. One example of the specialized products Southeast Financial offers for members is the Christmas Club account. This account allows savings throughout the year for holiday shopping or vacations. Automatic savings can be set up through direct deposit from your paycheck or a transfer from a different account. The funds can be withdrawn during the month of July without penalty or rolled over to your checking or savings account on November 1st. Saving monthly helps with budgeting when working toward any large spending goal.

Monthly Savings Comparison

As you can see, saving even a small amount each week can quickly add up. Whether you’re opening a Christmas Club account, consolidating high interest rate credit lines, or purchasing a home, our staff is ready to assist you in your financial journey at every stage of your life.