Savings Accounts

The first account you will open when you join Southeast Financial is a Membership Share Account which is a Share (also known as a "Savings") Account. A Share Account is your portion of ownership into the credit union. One share is $5.00 which is the minimum deposit for this account. Of course, you may always deposit more if you want to build your savings.

Once your Membership Share Account is established, you may open as many share savings accounts as you would like or need and a minimum balance is not required on these additional share accounts.

Christmas Club Accounts

Save your money throughout the year for holiday shopping or vacations. Set up an automatic deposit from your paycheck, and you'll save without realizing it! There is no minimum balance required. You may withdraw your vacation money without a penalty in July, and your holiday shopping money is automatically rolled over to your savings or checking account on November 1st each year.