All Your Accounts at a Glance

At Southeast Financial, we strive to provide our members with the tools they need to become financially fit. One of the first steps to financial wellness is staying informed about your money. To aid our members in achieving this goal, we're introducing Money Management in Online Banking!

What's so great about Money Management? It keeps all your account information, even accounts at other financial institutions, at your fingertips allowing you to track transactions, make budgets, set goals, view your net worth, and more!

See how much your finances can improve once you start using Money Management in Online Banking. Get started today with just four quick steps.

  1. Link your external accounts
  2. Add your accounts for all your financial institutions to see a clear picture of your financial health. Don't forget to add cash and property accounts, too.

  3. Review your transaction history
  4. Easly scan and categorize your transactions. This helps you see where your money is going and quickly spot any unusual or fraudulent transactions.

  5. Set up a budget
  6. Visualise how much you've spent and how much you still have left to spend each month. Money Management can also suggest a starting budget based on your previous spending.

  7. Stay in the loop
  8. Set up alerts to keep you notified about the important things happening with your account, like a low balance or future payments.