Phone Number Spoofing Scam

Posted on June 04, 2020

I’m writing tonight to share an important alert and to ask for your help. We discovered today that a few of our members had received calls from scammers posing as Southeast Financial Credit Union employees. The callers were able to spoof the phone number, making Caller ID appear as if the calls originated from the credit union. When they answered, members were asked to provide personal and account information; information we already have on record. If you receive a call like this one, please hang up immediately and call the credit union.

Southeast Financial will never call or write to ask you to provide information we already have on file. We will not call to ask for your account number, passphrase, debit or credit card number, social security number, mother’s maiden name, or any other identification information. Yes, we will verify that information with you when you call us, but we will not call or write to ask for that information. If you receive a call like this, you are not speaking with a representative of the credit union. Spoofing is a crime, and we need your help to stop it. Please contact us at 800-521-9653 if you have any concerns about your account.

John Jacoway, CEO