It's Easy to Go from Ho-Ho-Ho to Owe-Owe-Owe

Posted on December 31, 2018

2019 Car

Food, gifts, travel... your finances can really take a beating over the holidays. If your credit card balances increased between turkey day, trimming the tree, and ringing in the new year, chances are good that the amount of your required monthly payments increased, too. When there's too much month at the end of your money and your searching for solutions, it's possible that the answer is parked as close as your garage or driveway.

Have you considered refinancing your car loan? With a change in term or a lower interest rate, refinancing might reduce the amount of your monthly loan payment and give you some breathing room. If any of the situations below sound familiar, apply online or in any branch to see if we can help cure your wallet woes and start the new year off right.

You've applied at another bank or lender, but were told that your car was too old to be refinanced:

At Southeast Financial, we base rates on creditworthiness and loan term. We use the model year to determine the car's value and it doesn't affect our interest rates.

You've applied at another bank or lender, but the refinance rate was too high:

We've helped members save thousands of dollars in total finance charges by refinancing their vehicle loans from other lenders at our low rates.

Your car loan is paid in full:

Congratulations! Owning a vehicle outright is a great feeling. We know that taking on a car payment is a tough choice, but if you're paying a high interest rate on a credit card or personal loan, using the equity in your car to pay them off at a lower rate is a great way to save money.

Apply online today to see if we can refinance your car loan and revive your wallet. If you have questions or need help to apply, visit any branch or contact our Loan Call Center at 615-743-3700.

Disclaimer: Subject to credit approval. Dome restrictions may apply. Excludes refinance of existing Southeast Financial loans.