MemberSecure Identity Theft Protection

CardPatrol monitors major credit and debit cards affiliated with one of the major credit card issuers

MyIDMatters is a members-only website that keeps you up to date with identity theft-related issues.

Payment Card Protection allows you to register your credit, debit, ATM and check cards at one time in one place. If your cards are ever lost or stolen, you can call one toll-free number to cancel your cards, stop unauthorized charges and request new cards.

Fraud Assistance provides assistance if you become a victim of identity theft. Just call 1-866-575-6573 Monday - Friday between 7am and 8pm, CST.

Enjoy all the peace of mind MemberSecure has to offer for just $1.98 per month.

If you'd like to add MemberSecure protection to your account and obtain access codes to use the websites listed, visit any branch or contact us at 615-743-3700 or 800-521-9653.